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Getting through isolation with Pets

April 30, 2020

So during the current unprecedented times due to coronavirus, I’ve seen articles on how the companionship of pets have shown to reduce stress and anxiety. I live on my own so I am very grateful that I’ve got James and Pippa keeping me company. I have been in self-isolation for over 4 weeks as I have a compromised immune system, so having them around has been really great both for my mental health and physical health. They are loving having me around at home as I’ve had more time to take them on walks twice a day and play with them during my break.

I am starting a project where I will collect stories about how your pets are helping you get through these uncertain times where we have had to go in isolation. I want to hear about the companionship and consistency that they’ve provided for you and other stories about how they have helped you get through these tough times.

Once the coronavirus restrictions have been weakened, I will organise to come to take photos of you and your pet(s) to include with your story. You will get the digital watermarked image that is published with your story.
Please share your story with me by completing the form using the link below. Let your friends know so they can share their story with me.

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