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The end of a decade – my journey to pet photography

December 24, 2019

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of 2019. The end of the decade is getting closer and we are heading into a new decade! This is my first (and maybe last) blog post for the year. I wanted to post because I wanted to bring you along to the beginning of journey of my photography business.

Ina J Photography has been around for a while and I’ve taken so many photos over the years from family portraits, pets to newborns and events. Along the way, I’ve figured what I really love doing and that is taking photo of pets. Dogs are a big part of my life. It was especially hard to lose them, especially since I lost my dog Mac, who was only 9 years old just a couple of months ago. They give you so much love but they’re only with us for such a short time. It’s really important to keep memories of them around.

Taking photos of my dogs helped me create long lasting, forever memories of them. I have printed artworks of my dogs and hang it around my house. It reminds me of how much they loved me and how they had such a big impact in my life. I want to be able to do that for everyone who has pets. I want to be able to design and create beautiful artworks of your pets to remember them by.

From 2020, I will be focusing on pet portraits, or pet portraits as I’d like to call them. I hope you will come and support me in my journey to build my business in this area. If you’d like to find out about my pet portrait sessions, check this page or you can contact me to book one in for the new year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.


Merry christmas 2019 - Pumpkin Pet Portrait